Future Leaders in Milan

Published on November 23, 2022

2022 Future Leaders

Who will be the Future Leaders of your firms in the coming years?  

Our EMEA Executive Director, Alistair Bryant welcomed the 2022 cohort of Future Leaders from 14 of our members firms in Milan this week. They spent a productive day exploring what the future will look like, expanding their international networks and discussing all the topics that keep them committed to the accounting profession. Thanks go to B&C Tax, Italy; Artus Steuerberatung GmbH, Austria; Yarel & Partners, Israel; Harris & Trotter, UK; Tri-Mer, Malta; Schiff-Martini, Germany; Isik Yeminli Mali, Turkey; Argus Audit, Romania; Abou Nasr, Lebanon; FRS, Greece; Flynth, Netherlands; Ormsby & Rhodes, Ireland; Exponens, France and Boake Inc., South Africa for investing in their teams and in BKRI.

A special thanks to our host, Arcangelo Agogliati, to Martin Bissett who delivered the day's programme and fielded all the difficult questions, as well as Jeremy Vokt who gave a transatlantic view of his journey to the top.

This is the start of the journey for this cohort, who will you send next?