Wolters Kluwer's International Cross Border Transactions

September 7, 2022

12:00 PM ET

Speaker: Allison McLeod

CPE Credits: 2

Discounted BKR Fee: $79.50

Topics Covered

*U.S. Entity with Foreign Operations
*Foreign Corporations with US Operations
*Royalties and License Fees
*Minimizing Effective Tax Rate
*Cross Border Financing
*Resolving Conflicts
*Case Study - Caterpillar

Join Allison McLeod, CPA, for an introductory course in international cross border transactions. We will discuss typical situations in which a cross-border transaction arises, and how a taxpayer can utilize the rules to potentially decrease an entity's effective tax rate. Other issues, such as documentation and IRS audit risk, will also be covered. These rules will be illustrated by a hypothetical US-Canada transaction. Register here.