EMEA International Employment Tax Forum

March 22, 2023

Paul of UNW is chair of an Employment Tax Forum in the UK for the Chartered Institute of Tax.

Following the success of the EMEA Tax Meeting in Amsterdam in December 2022, we have decided to launch an International Employment Tax Forum this year. With UNW's Paul Tucker as the chair, the forum will look to address the many complex and challenging issues for employers in relation to taxation and Social Security, including cross-border. 

This first meeting will be a virtual meeting. Please click HERE to sign up. 

Meeting format : 
    Meeting starts 10:00
    Morning session with one 10 minute coffee break 
    Lunch break: 12.30 -1.30 
    Afternoon session with one 10 minute coffee break 
    Meeting concludes around 4.00 

An agenda will be sent out before each meeting and will be made up of anticipated common issues and any items attendees wish to add.  

The forum's objective is to build relationships with members from other countries which will lead to:
    Referrals which add value for clients;
    Strengthening of client relationships by providing a global service;
    Increasing fee income; and
    Lasting friendships.
    Increase their awareness of services offered by other member firms
    Gain a basic understanding of the tax and social security system and opportunities/breaks that may be available to their clients in other countries.

Subsequent Meetings

June 2023  - 2nd meeting to be held in person at BKR location (TBC at the virtual meeting in March) 
September 2023 - 3rd meeting (a virtual meeting) 
4 Dec 2023 - final meeting to be held at Hilton at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.